TB-15 & TB-30 Torch Boosters

TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters raise gas pressure to 25 psi and provide flow at 15 cf/hr or 40 cf/hr, respectively

Typical applications for TB-15 Torch Booster include light brazing, glass lampworking and jewelry manufacturing.

Typical applications for TB-30 Torch Booster include single torch flame cutting or brazing, NC Tool Forge with a single burner, glass lampworking and jewelry manufacturing.

A Torch Booster is easy to use...just turn it on and get all the gas you need. When your torch is not lit the Torch Booster automatically goes into recirculation mode. They are designed to be left running for short periods when torches are not being used and do not require operator attention as torches are turned on and off.

The system includes a flexible 5’ hose for connection to the gas pipe and a shutoff valve. Customers may also purchase a regulator to set gas pressure between 1-25 psi.

Both systems are compact and measure 12” by 12” on the front panel and only 16” deep; weight is about 50 lbs. They can be installed “anywhere” indoors without special site preparation. They are quiet and can be placed right in your work area.

TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters are Certified by CSA International and are permitted in buildings that prohibit gases in cylinders, such as acetylene and propane. They are safe for a home studio.

Both Torch Boosters need a gas supply pipe with less than 1 psi pressure and at least 1/2” diameter. Power requirement is 120V 15 amp.

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